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FOCUSales is a print solution provider of labels, folded cartons and inserts, commercial printing, business forms, design services and so much more! Our steady growth is a direct result of our hands-on ability to provide you with multiple printing solutions to achieve your unique goals. Incorporating both digital and conventional technologies throughout all product lines, we maximize quality, reduce turnaround time and effectively manage cost. With more than 20 specialized manufacturing facilities across the United States, we are uniquely positioned to provide the widest range of print solutions, distribution options and design services.

In the 1980’s, print and packaging suppliers and buyers were focused on long production runs and utilizing their large warehouses. In the 1990’s the business models changed to JIT (Just In Time). In both cases, printed products were primarily produced on conventional printing presses. In this new century, digital print technologies are no longer just for very short runs or for complementing conventional printing; it is replacing conventional printing in many arenas. Large production runs are still required, so the innovation and increased speeds of conventional printing presses are still hard at work throughout the industry.

In 2004, FOCUSales was born out of the need for improved print technologies and solutions to a wide range of industries. This requires expansive production capabilities that include both conventional and digital printing. With almost a quarter century’s experience, Stephen Riddle recognizes that customers can streamline their process by utilizing a single supplier for all their printing. His recognition, not only saves time and money, it improves consistency throughout a product’s marketing and packaging materials (i.e. product labels, folded cartons, brochures, marketing collateral, etc.).

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at info@focusalesinc.com or call (919) 614-3076.


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The problem we were having was we had to order large quantities of shrink band labels and incur large set up costs. We were able to benefit from FOCUSales by not having to run so many labels at one time while maintaining a reasonable price. We were also able to get a quick turnaround time for our shrink band labels. Stephen Riddle knows his business and made it easy to do business.
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