Dome Labels – Bubble Labels

Dome Labels, Bubble Labels – The doming of a label or sticker is a process of applying a thick dome-shaped polyurethane coating that adds a three dimensional eye catching affect. Domed labels, domed stickers and domed decals are pressure sensitive labels that provide a low cost, high quality impression for your brand identity.

Also known as bubble labels, these labels are perfect for products exposed to water and handling conditions such as marine products, cell phones, small appliances, automotive accessories and hand tools. Domed labels can even be made to look metallic with a metal bezel; perfect for automotive dealers’ brand logos. Other uses for dome labels are RFID labels, promotional products, curved products, fabric products and logo branded products.

Browse below examples of domed labels, domed decals and domed stickers.

Dome Labels - Bubble LabelsDome Labels - Bubble LabelsDome Labels - Bubble LabelsDome Labels - Bubble Labels


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The problem we were having was we had to order large quantities of shrink band labels and incur large set up costs. We were able to benefit from FOCUSales by not having to run so many labels at one time while maintaining a reasonable price. We were also able to get a quick turnaround time for our shrink band labels. Stephen Riddle knows his business and made it easy to do business.
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