Our Printing Technologies

UV Waterless Offset

UV Waterless Offset web printing is the benchmark of the label printing industry. Nothing matches the quality and versatility delivered by UV Waterless Offset printing. With screens over 200 lpi (lines per inch) and the certain registration only available from metal plates all other printing pales in comparison. The waterless process offers several advantages vs. conventional printing, including better print quality measured in terms of color consistency, color saturation, detail reproduction and overall sharpness. For sharp clean colors and super-tight resolution UV waterless offset is visibly superior. Please click below to see samples of our work


There is nothing like the sensuous look and texture of Letterpress printing. Invented in 1439, raised type and art are literally pressed into the paper leaving not just ink but a deep satisfying impression as well. Long forgotten by a high-speed industry, Letterpress has found a resurgence in many craft-printing houses printing one sheet at a time. FOCUSales offers the rich tradition of Letterpress with the convenience of labels on rolls. Let us know if we can help you make your mark with Letterpress.

Silkscreen Printing

Our silkscreen capability offers our customers a combination of rich raised textures with unmatched durability. Silkscreen printing allows us to print both clear and colored inks in a variety of rich raised textures. Our silkscreen web printing delivers extreme durability, offering unmatched scuff and even outdoor weather resistance to your labels.

Digital Printing

Since our beginnings in 2004, FOCUSales has worked closely with digital web printing to provide our customers fantastic printing technologies. For labels with extremely tight registration requirements nothing can match its accuracy. Digital printing’s versatility, speed and precision have become key components for those who need high quality printing, improved product life cycle management, event specific, regional specific or seasonal product marketing. Digital printing is an excellent solution for those who require late stage modifications, multiple variations and/or highly customizable printing options. Hot stamping and embossing can add details that make your product stand out from the crowded shelf. Please click below to see samples of our work.


Flexography, the modern version of letterpress printing is mostly used for longer run label printing. Flexography prints on a wide variety of substrates, runs at higher press speeds and generally at a lower cost than other print technologies.  Recent advances in plate technologies like digital direct-to-plate and improved ink systems, flexographic print quality has greatly improved. Please click below to see samples of our work.
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FOCUSales has been instrumental in meeting our label needs.  Stephen has demonstrated his in-depth knowledge from beginning to end on label quotes and applications.  We are happy with our long term partner of four years and look forward to many new projects to come.
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