Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons – Folding cartons do more than simply provide product distribution from manufacturer to retail shelf. Folding carton packaging provides protection, security and offers a wide range of marketing opportunities. On a retail shelf for highly competitive products, the carton packaging can either make or break a product. Your carton packaging and graphics serve as the final marketing opportunity to promote your product and grab a customer before purchase. After gaining the customers attention, it then becomes a matter of fulfilling the consumer’s need for product information, convenience and ease of use. Folding cartons are widely used in the health and the beauty care market, pharmaceutical market, food market and general consumer packaging.

We utilize state-of-the-art printing presses that best suit your needs for quality, delivery and price.

Digital Folding Cartons – We can digitally print short run folding cartons on an HP Indigo Digital Press or a Xeikon Digital Press and generally ship these in 3-5 days.

Combination Folding Cartons – Utilizing combo runs, we can economically provide you with finished full color cartons with no tooling costs and low set up costs.

Dedicated Folding Cartons – Still even larger runs can print on standard sheet fed offset presses that range from 40” to 60” and have up to 8 colors.

No matter the production method, we can enhance the boxes with windowing, embossing, cold or hot foil stamping, pattern and UV varnishes and more. SBS and recycled board materials of varying thicknesses are available.

Do you need design help? Give us the item you need in a carton and our CAD engineers can design carton samples to meet your requirements. For prototyping we offer digitally printed and die cut boxes that match your dimensions and print expectations for your final product.


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The problem we were having was we had to order large quantities of shrink band labels and incur large set up costs. We were able to benefit from FOCUSales by not having to run so many labels at one time while maintaining a reasonable price. We were also able to get a quick turnaround time for our shrink band labels. Stephen Riddle knows his business and made it easy to do business.
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