Skin Board Packaging

Skin Packaging – Skin packaging also know as skin board packaging is a low cost method for displaying a product using a printed decorative backer board and a heated clear Surlyn film on the skin packaging.

Skin board is specially formulated paperboard of corrugated board that is manufactured with microscopic pores to allow air to pass through during the process.   After the board is printed with your custom graphics, a heat activated adhesive is applied to the face of the board.

Heated plastic film is draped over the product and the substrate, and a vacuum draws the film down tightly to the board and around the product to make a secure and attractive package. Wherever the hot plastic meets the adhesive, a bond is formed.


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The problem we were having was we had to order large quantities of shrink band labels and incur large set up costs. We were able to benefit from FOCUSales by not having to run so many labels at one time while maintaining a reasonable price. We were also able to get a quick turnaround time for our shrink band labels. Stephen Riddle knows his business and made it easy to do business.
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