What Should You Look for in a Bottle Label?

What You Should Look for in a Bottle Label

Bottle label

When you are comparing the power of different senses such as taste or sight, you will conclude that taste is something that would make the customer come back and get the product again, however, sight is what drew them the product in the first place. By sight, we mean the style of the bottle or a jar and the label that is placed on it. While color and design of the label are vital, right shape and size can also make a considerable difference. Finding a perfect bottle label can be a challenge for manufacturers, however, with these tips in mind, you can make the right choice.

Bottle label styles

There are many label styles available for bottles, which range from a full wrap to just the front wrap. Based on your preferences, you can choose the right style for yourself.

Full wrap

This is a large rectangular label that wraps around the bottle completely. They are perfect when you need to incorporate a lot of information.

Half wrap

A half wrap label has enough space for your logo and the information that must be on the logo according to the law. Customers can also see the enchanting color of your product through the transparent bottle.

Neck labels

With an added touch of neck label along with the half wrap, you offer our customers an added sense of style.


Label Shapes

From traditional to custom label shapes, everything is available for your convenience. Through these shapes, you offer a unique appeal to your consumers.

Square and rectangular labels

These are the most common label shapes and offer your bottle a simple, traditional look that typically pays off. You can choose to have square or rounded corners to go along with standard labels.

Triangle labels

Triangle labels are dynamic and energetic. Along with signifying superiority, it’s also a sign of caution, which actually influence consumers positively.

Circle or oval labels

A round or oval label is timeless and has an exclusive appeal. Best for the flavors that stick with the drinker.

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