Example of Beer and Spirits Labels

Custom Label Options for Breweries

With breweries selling numerous brands at retailers, consumers have a seemingly endless choice of beer to choose. The increasing competition has made it hard for products to sell without proper branding and packaging. The shelf space is at an ever-increasing premium and package differentiation is the key to retain consumer attention. A custom brand label that tells the story of your personalized brand is vital to the success of your brewery. Here are some of the options you have while selecting the right material and finish for your label.

Choosing the base label material


The white semigloss paper material is great for cold beverage labeling. It acts as a perfect canvas for the label design as it has ideal opacity and brightness. The drawback of the white paper base is that it does not hold on well in ice buckets or damp conditions. Because it’s economical, you can opt for this if your brewery is just starting out.

White film

The white flexlyte film is a great choice because of its durability. Apart from being a great base for the label design, it offers better abrasion resistance and improved moisture resistance. No matter it’s a bottle or can, this material works well on both.

Metalized silver paper

The metalized silver paper is one of the premium base label material option that you have. Specific areas in the label can be provided more shine while offering matted effect on others. If you want to make an impact on the shelf, this is the perfect choice for you.

Choosing a label finish – Either varnish or overlaminate

Gloss clear UV varnish

This is a protective coating with additional shiny effect. On top of the primary coating, it offers durability and protection from moisture. No need to worry about your brewed products that are placed in damp conditions.

Matte UV varnish

This is also a protective coating with a matte and dull effect. This is a great base for the printing and also offers durability to moisture.

Thermal transfer printer on white background

What to Look For in a Label Printer

In case you are considering to buy a label printer for your business, you are certainly on a right track to gain more independence and control over your business. There are many issues that arise while using an outside printing source. Delayed shipments and the costs could really go out of control. Now the real question is what you really have to look for in a printer.

Every business has its unique labeling needs, which means that the perfect printer for every business would vary. However, there are certain requirements and specification that your printer must meet if you want your products to be competitively placed among others.

Size of the labels

Printers come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, it is important to identify the right size before making the buying decision. The width and length of the labels depend on the type of products they need to be used for. A label for an e-liquid bottle of e-cigarettes will require a printer that can print a smaller label of up to 2.48 inches in width. Similarly, a label for a beer bottle would be considerably larger in size.

Meeting Regulations

There are certain requirements by FDA that your labels must comply with. Depending on the type of your business, the requirements may change and you must check with the associated government regulatory authority to see the regulations. Nutrition facts, warnings, expiry dates and other alerts are an integral part of labels, which must be complied with. Your label printer must be able to clearly print this information over designated space without interfering with the creative element of your design.

Do you have to print barcodes? 200dpi or 600dpi

Retail products mostly come with a bar code as it is prerequisite to have one printed. A 600dpi barcode label printer is for sure better than a 200dpi as it has a higher quality print and consumes less space on a label because of a smaller print. However, these can be expensive, which makes the 200dpi printer to come into play. You can improve its quality by printing a larger label but of course, this will result in overutilization of space. You can do your own cost-benefit analysis and choose the right option for yourself.

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Why Choose Custom Printed Labels?

It does not matter if you are an established organization, entrepreneurial venture or an NGO, there are convincing reasons to use a custom printed label for your products. Creating a custom label means that you will have to spend some time into research as designing a perfect logo involves great creativity. Branding your products the right way is of utmost importance in this day and age where competition demands you to be unique.

Here are some reasons that might convince you to opt for a custom label design.

Custom printed labels increase sales

Sales are the ultimate goal of every business as every other operation of the business aim to achieve this specific purpose. Custom printed labels on your products have a better chance to entice the customers as they have a unique selling appeal about them. An eye-catching label can totally change someone’s perception of a product. It is the first attribute anyone notices before buying a product, therefore, it must be spot on. You can highlight the core values of your business in the label and increase sales based on positive brand perception.

Brand awareness

Because the attention span of the average consumer is getting shorter and shorter, it is vital for you to strengthen your brand awareness. Your labels represent your business and buy creatively designing a custom label, you can add the subtle details that add to increase brand identity. You can also just five away printed labels on brochures highlighting the value your product offers to the customers.

Discounts and promotions

Often times the best way to attract is a customer is through a discount offer on the label. With custom printed labels you are offering customers a chance to recognize and avail the discount. Larger packing size at the same price with a label highlighting the access is a great way to boost food product sales. Similarly, many other products can be sold just by creatively expending the custom label design.

Various bottles and containers with custom product labels

What Should You Look for in a Bottle Label

When you are comparing the power of different senses such as taste or sight, you will conclude that taste is something that would make the customer come back and get the product again, however, sight is what drew them the product in the first place. By sight, we mean the style of the bottle or a jar and the label that is placed on it. While color and design of the label are vital, right shape and size can also make a considerable difference. Finding a perfect bottle label can be a challenge for manufacturers, however, with these tips in mind, you can make the right choice.


Bottle label styles

There are many label styles available for bottles, which range from a full wrap to just the front wrap. Based on your preferences, you can choose the right style for yourself.

Full wrap

This is a large rectangular label that wraps around the bottle completely. They are perfect when you need to incorporate a lot of information.

Half wrap

A half wrap label has enough space for your logo and the information that must be on the logo according to the law. Customers can also see the enchanting color of your product through the transparent bottle.

Neck labels

With an added touch of neck label along with the half wrap, you offer our customers an added sense of style.


Label Shapes

From traditional to custom label shapes, everything is available for your convenience. Through these shapes, you offer a unique appeal to your consumers.

Square and rectangular labels

These are the most common label shapes and offer your bottle a simple, traditional look that typically pays off. You can choose to have square or rounded corners to go along with standard labels.

Triangle labels

Triangle labels are dynamic and energetic. Along with signifying superiority, it’s also a sign of caution, which actually influence consumers positively.

Circle or oval labels

A round or oval label is timeless and has an exclusive appeal. Best for the flavors that stick with the drinker.