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FOCUSales utilizes the finest, state-of-the-art presses available that best suit your needs for quality, delivery and price. Whether we print labels on a UV flexographic web press or on a standard water based flexo press, a silkscreen sheet fed press or an advanced digital web press, you are assured the highest quality printing and finishing. Read below to learn about some of the various types of labels FOCUSales can produce.

  • Prime Labels– A label that acts as the main identification of a product. Often designed to attract attention and contains information to appeal to a buyer and is usually applied at the time of its manufacturing. These can be printed on flexographically or digitally. Examples of prime labels are gourmet food jar labels, nutraceutical product labels, wine bottle labels, beer bottle labels and consumer product labels.
  • Durable Goods/Industrial Labels– Durable goods is an economic term for an item that does not quickly wear out. Examples of durable goods include cars, appliances, sporting goods and appliances, to name a few. FOCUSales provides durable goods labels like UL labels, hard hat labels, safety labels, weatherproof labels, GHS labels, drum labels, under-the-hood automotive labels. Durable goods labels are printed on durable label materials like polyester and vinyl to withstand harsh conditions like outdoors, direct sunlight or chemicals.
  • Extended Content Labels– Or ECL, is used to add content to a label on a product. The content is usually added to the back side of the label or on to an additional folded panel(s). ECL labels are used when packaging profiles are small and there is not enough room on a standard label to print all the required information. Booklet labels or expanded text labels are great solutions for Health & Beauty labels, OTC labels, food labels, multilingual labels and instructional labels. Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels  or IRC labels are a common ECL label for on-package promotional labels used to reach a targeted geographic area, test a new market or highlight seasonal goods. Coupons, rebates, recipes, brand enhancements are a few applications for IRC labels. IRC can be used in direct to food label application.
  • Bar Coded and Consecutive Number Labels– FOCUSales can produce serialized and bar-coded labels in a wide variety of formats. Code 128, QR Code, UPC-A and code 39 just to name a few. Labels can be printed on any material from outdoor vinyl to basic paper labels.
  • RFID Labels – Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag (RFID Label or tag), attached to a product, through a reader for tracking and identifying an object. Some RFID label applications include retail item level inventory tracking RFID labels, Logistics & Supply Chain RFID labels, materials management RFID labels and IT Asset Tracking RFID labels, to name a few. FOCUSales proprietary printing process allows us to produce RFID enabled labels faster, with greater accuracy and a lower rejection rate.
  • Domed Labels– Are pressure sensitive labels that have a thick dome-shaped polyurethane coating that adds a three-dimensional eye-catching affect. Applications include appliance domed labels, automobile dealership domed labels and tech company dome labels. FOCUSales produces domed labels on vinyl and chrome or brushed chrome poly materials for tough, flexible and UV resistant decals.
  • Promotional Labels– Promotional labels is a broad category of labels. Paper stickers, anniversary labels, bumper stickers, tech tattoos, labels for a cause, carry out food labels, charity labels, static cling labels and more. Many promotional stickers are printed on paper or polypropylene (BoPP) and can be UV varnished or laminated to give a gloss label or a matte label finish.
  • Conventional and Digital Solutions– Conventional printing is a form of printing that utilizes printing plates and can print on a wide variety of materials. Our conventional flexo presses run from 10” wide to 20” wide and can print from 1 color to 10 colors in line including UV. Digital printing refers to toner based or UV inkjet based press that use the primary colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black on a wide variety of materials. Our digital technologies include the HP Indigo, the Jetrion UV inkjet, the Domino UV inkjet and the Nilpeter UV inkjet presses. At FOCUSales, we offer both conventional flexography, sheet fed offset and various digital solutions.
  • Stock Thermal, Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons– FOCUSales stocks hundreds of sizes of thermal and thermal transfer labels for all sorts of printers. We distribute only OEM ribbons made in the USA. Every ribbon has been engineered to meet a wide range of applications and tested for optimum performance with all types of paper and film media and printer models. Thermal Transfer Ribbons are available in General Purpose Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Resin Enhanced Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons, full Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Specialty formulations.

Other label options include:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Faux Foil
  • Double Sided or Sandwich Printing
  • Self-Laminating
  • Static Cling and Low Tack Adhesive Labels
  • Fade Resistant Inks
  • UV Inks
  • Braille
  • Tamper Evident
  • Optional Core Sizes Available
  • Special Packaging
  • And More!