Cosmetic Product Labels

Cosmetic Product Labels

The best cosmetic labels help products stand out on store shelves and help you create a distinctly elegant brand that your customers will recognize. Delivering those labels takes eye-catching design, quality materials, the right printing methods and beautiful customizations. But even more importantly, it takes an experienced, knowledgeable team to pull together the right design elements with the right label solutions.

Cosmetic labels that amplify your product’s beauty 

Sahag ProductsMany cosmetic products come in small packaging, so labels must also be small — and sometimes seem like they’re not even there. We can use a variety of printing methods to provide a no-label look that lets your product show through. This allows you to include your branding, clear messaging and product-use guidelines while still showing off what’s inside your package, container, jar or bottle. Your customers can see your beautiful product and get the information they need.

We have many ways to achieve the look that you envision for your label. Our extensive capabilities include:

  • Flexographic labels that are a cost-efficient solution for big print runs while still providing complete customization
  • Digital labels that provide the best possible quality with perfect color consistency and are cost-effective for small print runs and promotions
  • Screen-printed labels that allow you to add texture to your label
  • Foil stamping, embossing and a variety of other on-press customizations that allow us to implement any label design
  • Extended content labels (ECLs) for smaller cosmetics items. ECLs allow you to include longer, required information on your product while streamlining your design
  • And much, much more

Whichever design you ultimately select for your cosmetic label, we’ll use the right printing method and customization to create your ideal look and feel.

Designing a unique cosmetic label

Our experienced team provides pre-press services to ensure that every design meets all printing standards. If you’ve designed your label or had a professional design it, we’ll make sure it prints the way you want it to look. And if you haven’t yet gotten to the design stage, our experienced label designers will create the look you want. We can custom design and print a long list of cosmetic labels, including:

  • Lip balm labels
  • Lipstick labels
  • Makeup labels
  • Eyeshadow labels
  • Powder labels
  • Nail polish labels
  • And much, much more

Whether it’s finding a clear and beautiful font for a small area, bringing bright colors into your label, or clearly laying out your products’ benefits, we’ll help you achieve a completely one-of-a-kind label look.