Nutraceutical Product Labels

Nutraceutical Product Labels

As consumers have turned more and more to natural remedies and supplements, vitamins and nutraceutical products have become more and more common in store aisles. Shoppers are searching for trustworthy products, the best supplements and potent health benefits. Quality vitamin and nutraceutical labels can help you compete in the growing vitamin and nutraceutical industry. Through distinct, eye-catching labels, we help you create a lasting, recognizable brand that connects you with your health-conscious customers.

Custom solutions that highlight health benefits

Pharma Nutra Label GroupUsing flexible packaging, we can meet single-serve portion requirements and provide custom labels for special formulation packs, such as men’s and women’s health supplements. With our unique capabilities in smooth peel labels and Extended Content Labels (ECLs), we can expand your messaging on small bottles and packaging. That means you can include vital health facts and legally required health information while maximizing your branding space. Using custom effects like embossing, screen printing, and foil stamping, we can implement special designs that differentiate your nutraceutical or vitamin product.

Standout labels for distinctive vitamin and nutraceutical labels

We have an experienced, professional label design team that can create a natural and distinct look. Through a robust offering of printing capabilities, we can make any vitamin and nutraceutical label possible. And we have a full suite of printing capabilities available to us to make your product stand out, including:

  • Smooth peel labels, extended content labels and booklet labels that allow you to include extensive regulatory information without limiting your branding.
  • Tactile labels that provide a textured feel and create a uniquely eco-friendly look on your label.
  • Pressure-sensitive labels that are easy to apply on any shaped bottle, container or package
  • Complete die cut flexibility so we can print labels for any shape container
  • Flexible product packaging perfect for single-use nutraceuticals
  • And a long list of other capabilities that make any look possible

Our digital labels are a great option if you need a cost-effective way to handle rapid turnarounds, short print runs or promotional labels. And our flexographic printing is a cost-effective way to get labels in bulk with total design customization.