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Labels are one of the first chances a business has to connect with its customers, and high-quality custom print labels are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and ensure a product is reaching its intended audience. Every product has different requirements for its labels, and there are a variety of printing options designed to meet these needs. As such, working with an experienced label printer is imperative in creating a final product that is effective and eye-catching.


How are Custom Labels Made?

The process of creating a unique label for a product is known as label printing. There are several methods for printing labels, each with its own advantages and capabilities:

  • Digital Printing: This is a digital process that eliminates the need for expensive tooling. Digital printing offers increased efficiency and flexibility for brands requiring small or medium size production runs.
  • Flexographic Printing: This method is ideal for higher volume runs. It is often the process of choice for products such as laminated, thermal, and perforated labels.
  • Wide-Format Printing: Wide-format printing is a small to medium run process that produces large labels of up to several feet in width and length.

Types of Custom Labels

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Depending on the needs of the product, there are a range of different labels which may be appropriate. The following are some of the most common types of labels.

  • Durable Goods/Industrial Labels: Durable goods is an economic term for an item that does not quickly wear out. Examples of durable goods include cars, appliances, sporting goods, and appliances, to name a few. FOCUSales provides durable goods labels like UL labels, hard hat labels, safety labels, weatherproof labels, GHS labels, drum labels, under-the-hood automotive labels. Durable goods labels are printed on durable label materials like polyester and vinyl to withstand harsh conditions like outdoors, direct sunlight, or chemicals.
  • Extended Content Labels (ECLs): ECLs are used to add content to a label on a product. The content is usually added to the backside of the label or an additional folded panel(s). ECLs are used when packaging profiles are small and there is not enough room on a standard label to print all the required information. Booklet labels or expanded text labels are great solutions for Health & Beauty labels, OTC labels, food labels, multilingual labels, and instructional labels. Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels, or IRC labels, are a common ECL for on-package promotional labels used to reach a targeted geographic area, test a new market, or highlight seasonal goods. Coupons, rebates, recipes, and brand enhancements are a few applications for IRCs. IRCs can be used in direct to food label applications.
  • Bar Coded and Consecutive Number Labels: FOCUSales can produce serialized and bar-coded labels in a wide variety of formats. Code 128, QR Code, UPC-A, and code 39 just to name a few. Labels can be printed on any material from outdoor vinyl to basic paper labels.
  • RFID Labels: Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag (RFID Label or tag) attached to a product through a reader for tracking and identifying an object. Some RFID label applications include retail item level inventory tracking RFID labels, Logistics & Supply Chain RFID labels, materials management RFID labels, and IT Asset Tracking RFID labels, to name a few. FOCUSales proprietary printing process allows us to produce RFID enabled labels faster, with greater accuracy and a lower rejection rate.
  • Domed Labels: Domed labels are pressure sensitive labels that have a thick dome-shaped polyurethane coating that adds a three-dimensional eye-catching effect. Applications include appliance domed labels, automobile dealership domed labels, and tech company dome labels. FOCUSales produces domed labels on vinyl and chrome or brushed chrome poly materials for tough, flexible, and UV resistant decals.
  • Promotional Labels: Promotional labels is a broad category of labels. Paper stickers, anniversary labels, bumper stickers, tech tattoos, labels for a cause, carry out food labels, charity labels, static cling labels, and more. Many promotional stickers are printed on paper or polypropylene (BoPP) and can be UV varnished or laminated to give a gloss label or a matte label finish.
  • Conventional and Digital Solutions: Conventional printing is a form of printing that utilizes printing plates and can print on a wide variety of materials. Our conventional flexo presses run from 10” wide to 20” wide and can print from 1 color to 10 colors in line, including UV. Digital printing refers to toner-based or UV inkjet-based presses that use primary colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black on a wide variety of materials. Our digital technologies include the HP Indigo, the Jetrion UV inkjet, the Domino UV inkjet, and the Nilpeter UV inkjet presses. At FOCUSales, we offer both conventional flexography, sheet fed offset, and various digital solutions.
  • Stock Thermal, Thermal Transfer Labels, and Ribbons: FOCUSales stocks hundreds of sizes of thermal and thermal transfer labels for all sorts of printers. We distribute only OEM ribbons made in the USA. Every ribbon has been engineered to meet a wide range of applications and tested for optimum performance with all types of paper and film media and printer models. Thermal Transfer Ribbons are available in General Purpose Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Resin Enhanced Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons, full Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons, and Specialty formulations.
  • Prime Labels: Prime labels act as the main identification of a product. They are often designed to attract attention and contain information to appeal to a buyer, and they are usually applied at the time of manufacturing. These can be printed flexographically or digitally. Examples of prime labels are gourmet food jar labels, nutraceutical product labels, wine bottle labels, beer bottle labels, and consumer product labels.
  • Cosmetic Product Labels: Cosmetic packaging is often fairly compact, necessitating smaller custom labels that fit well on the packaging while still maintaining clear visuals and aesthetic appeal. Vivid colors, attractive fonts, and recognizable branding are all factors that are of particular importance within the cosmetic industry. Depending on the type of product, businesses in this industry may choose options such as extended content labels. This enables even small products to provide consumers with necessary information without the need for large, ill-fitting packaging. Additionally, due to the customer-facing nature of cosmetic products, businesses may choose to improve the customer experience by adding textured screen-printed labels or customized embossing.
  • Nutraceutical Labels: Vitamins and other nutraceuticals require packaging that highlights the health benefits of the product and provides legally required information to the consumer. Nutraceuticals are available in an array of bottles and containers, meaning that labels for this industry must be versatile to fit these different types of packages. Flexible packaging, extended content labels, and smooth peel labels all help to make sure that the nutraceutical product maintains its aesthetic appeal while providing all relevant information. Additionally, custom printed labels can include effects such as screen printing and foil stamping to help create memorable, eye-catching designs.
  • Automotive Labels: Durability is imperative for labels in the automotive industry. They must be able to withstand harsh environments and adhere to challenging surfaces while still clearly communicating important information and maintaining brand recognition. Label printing services such as flexible printing and lamination help create labels that can withstand exposure to automotive liquids such as petroleum distillates. Specialty adhesives and label faces composed of polyester or vinyl also contribute to the durability of labels in automotive applications.

Benefits of Custom Labels

Any business can benefit from the use of custom printed labels. There are several significant advantages to choosing a customized design, including:

  • Increase Sales: Eye-catching labels help products stand out from their competitors. As this is often a business’s first chance to make an impression on its customers, labels must be unique and thoughtfully designed to increase the likelihood of the product connecting with its audience. Custom labels are much more memorable than generic labels, making them more likely to attract customers and increase sales.
  • Brand Awareness: A strong brand identity helps build trust and loyalty between a business and its customers. Utilizing custom labels gives businesses the chance to create unique, instantly recognizable branding to foster this connection. Additionally, taking the time to design these labels enables businesses to use their designs on brochures to promote the product and further engage with their audience.
  • Discounts / Promotion: Custom printed labels provide businesses with the opportunity to advertise discounts or creatively highlight unique selling points. This further helps the product stand out from the competition, boosting sales and connecting with customers.

Label Printing Services from FOCUSales

The label printing process begins with the creation of a unique design. Prior to printing, a prepress team will review the artwork to ensure that every detail is correct. Operators will then run the desired final material through the printer, resulting in rolls of labels that are ready for finishing. At FOCUSales, our facilities are home to a range of state-of-the-art printing presses to meet the custom needs of every client. Our capabilities include both digital and flexographic printing, enabling us to create anything from prime labels on consumer goods to industrial under-the-hood labels in the automotive industry. We work with an array of materials, including paper, vinyl, chrome, and polyester.
While the majority of our customers already have a design in mind for their labels, we are also able to provide personalized assistance in the design process. The versatility of our equipment and capabilities makes it possible for us to offer custom label options such as:

  • Fade-resistant inks
  • Braille
  • Foil stamping
  • Low tack adhesive labels
  • Tamper evident packaging
  • Self-laminating labels
  • UV inks

Work With FOCUSales On Your Next Custom Label Printing Project

Whether you are a small startup or an established business, a high-quality custom label can elevate your product, help you connect with your customers, and significantly improve your brand recognition. Since our founding in 2004, FOCUSales has been dedicated to providing a diverse array of custom label printing services to meet the needs of virtually any application. Utilizing both conventional and digital printing methods, we create unique labels and packaging with a range of materials to ensure optimal performance. To learn more about our label printing capabilities or work with us on your next project.