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Custom Product Labels

Labels are one of the first chances a business has to connect with its customers, and high-quality custom print labels are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and ensure a product is reaching its intended audience. Every product has different requirements for its labels, and there are a variety of printing options designed to meet these needs. As such, working with an experienced label printer is imperative in creating a final product that is effective and eye-catching.

How are Custom Labels Made?

The process of creating a unique label for a product is known as label printing. There are several methods for printing labels, each with its own advantages and capabilities:

  • Digital Printing:This is a digital process that eliminates the need for expensive tooling. Digital printing offers increased efficiency and flexibility for brands requiring small or medium size production runs.
  • Flexographic Printing: This method is ideal for higher volume runs. It is often the process of choice for products such as laminated, thermal, and perforated labels.
  • Wide-Format Printing: Wide-format printing is a small to medium run process that produces large labels of up to several feet in width and length.

Benefits of Custom Labels

Any business can benefit from the use of custom printed labels. There are several significant advantages to choosing a customized design, including:

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Eye-catching labels help products stand out from their competitors. As this is often a business’s first chance to make an impression on its customers, labels must be unique and thoughtfully designed to increase the likelihood of the product connecting with its audience. Custom labels are much more memorable than generic labels, making them more likely to attract customers and increase sales.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

A strong brand identity helps build trust and loyalty between a business and its customers. Utilizing custom labels gives businesses the chance to create unique, instantly recognizable branding to foster this connection. Additionally, taking the time to design these labels enables businesses to use their designs on brochures to promote the product and further engage with their audience.


Discounts / Promotion

Custom printed labels provide businesses with the opportunity to advertise discounts or creatively highlight unique selling points. This further helps the product stand out from the competition, boosting sales and connecting with customers.

Label Printing Services from FOCUSales

The label printing process begins with the creation of a unique design. Prior to printing, a prepress team will review the artwork to ensure that every detail is correct. Operators will then run the desired final material through the printer, resulting in rolls of labels that are ready for finishing. At FOCUSales, our facilities are home to a range of state-of-the-art printing presses to meet the custom needs of every client. Our capabilities include both digital and flexographic printing, enabling us to create anything from prime labels on consumer goods to industrial under-the-hood labels in the automotive industry. We work with an array of materials, including paper, vinyl, chrome, and polyester.

While the majority of our customers already have a design in mind for their labels, we are also able to provide personalized assistance in the design process. The versatility of our equipment and capabilities makes it possible for us to offer custom label options such as:

  • Fade-resistant inks
  • Braille
  • Foil stamping
  • Low tack adhesive labels
  • Tamper evident packaging
  • Self-laminating labels
  • UV inks

Work With FOCUSales On Your Next Custom Label Printing Project

Whether you are a small startup or an established business, a high-quality custom label can elevate your product, help you connect with your customers, and significantly improve your brand recognition. Since our founding in 2004, FOCUSales has been dedicated to providing a diverse array of custom label printing services to meet the needs of virtually any application. Utilizing both conventional and digital printing methods, we create unique labels and packaging with a range of materials to ensure optimal performance. To learn more about our label printing capabilities or work with us on your next project.